The Nature Conservancy

Chuuk Coral Expedition

12/01/2016 | 8m 39s

The Nature Conservancy and the University of Guam conducted a 3 week coral monitoring expedition in the Atolls of Chuuk and Kuop. With 19 scientists and 75 sites this was the biggest coral monitoring survey ever conducted in Micronesia.

Shot my photographer Simon Lorenz.

The Nature Conservancy

Palau: The Micronesia Challenge

09/30/2013 | 3m 59s

In 2006, with support from The Nature Conservancy, the President of Palau challenged his fellow Micronesian leaders to join him in a historic commitment by five governments to conserve at least 30% of their marine resources and 20% of their terrestrial resources by 2020.

Produced by Tandem Still + Motion.

A Film By Craig Musburger

Micronesia’s Changing Climate

2011 | 35m 12s

Discover what Pacific Island communities can do to reduce the impact of climate change in this video. Fishermen discuss why things are “not right” in Micronesia; for example, fish stocks are declining and coral reefs are dying, and how these effects are linked to global climate change. We also see how Micronesians are trying to reduce the harmful effects of climate change to preserve their homeland and secure their heritage.

Produced by HD Under H2O.

A Film By Craig Musburger

Lamoren Emol – My True Heritage

09/29/2011 | 4m 36s

Lamoren Emol is a song written and performed by Brother C. It is in Marshallese and translates as “My True Heritage.” Brother C wrote this song for the Marshall Islands Conservation Society’s “Kobed Ia?” campaign. It speaks of the importance of conserving the stunning natural beauty of the Marshall Islands. The images were all filmed by Craig Musburger of HD under H2O on location in Rongelap and Majuro in the Marshall Islands.

Produced by HD Under H2O.

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